About Me

Trying to keep up with the youngsters.

Currently slinging C# code as a principal developer in the City of London for Trayport where I work on the team that writes Joule Direct the backend server for Joule which is used to trade energy mostly in Europe.

I live in New Cross in a listed building, moving down south of the river in 2013 after many years living in Camden. Originally I'm from Marple Bridge near Stockport coming to London when I went to university at Queen Mary College.

Interested in retro computing with a collection of various machines, some Apple ][ europlus, //e,//c machines, Atari 400 & 65XE, PiDP 11/70, Elf (modern repro), ZX81, QL and probably something else I've forgotten about.

Given some talks for DDD, NDC and the London dotnet user group, which might be where you know my name from.

In the past I've worked at the following companies:

Turbo C and Pascal support in the UK.
Alfa Systems
Where I did some ASIC designs, embedded systems work and worked on the Diskfax.
Designed the ASIC inside the DC2000 mixing desk, worked on the Broadway console.
Accounting software mostly in VB6.
Auction software for a Dutch shopping channel.
Reveal Media
Sticking body worn cameras on policemen.
Partnership Assurance
Annuities for folks with impairments.

I have some small Arduino based projects that I'm working on and have also done some work with PIC based designs.

Finally I have a few Z Scale railway projects that I'm working on along with doing some plastic modelling mostly aircraft from the Airfix range.